Richard Strachey

Stone carvings and sculptures

Portland Whitbed Limestone

Quarried on the Isle of Portland by Albion Stone Quarries.

The stone is an open textured oolitic limestone from the Portlandian formation (Jurassic). The stone is formed from micrite (fine grained calcium carbonate) ooids with a small quantity of micrite occurring in the matrix. The shell fragments are elongated to rounded and are typically 5mm across. The stone generally appears to be moderately compacted although the degree of compaction is variable. Most of the areas exhibit a fairly high intergranular porosity with interlinking adjacent pores. In some areas ooids are fused or are surrounded by a sparse carbonate matrix (B.R.E Stone List)

The Portland Whitbed limestone is pale grey in colour with some umber and yellow ochre. There is a tremendous choice in the size of block and carves quite readily.

It has an English quietness which I admire.